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Scorpions Animal Magnetism (Lp+Cd)

Scorpions Animal Magnetism (Lp+Cd)
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Manufacturer: Scorpions

EAN: 4050538150162

Manufacturers Part Number: 4050538150162

LP-A1    Make It Real    3:49
LP-A2    Don't Make No Promises (Your Body Can't Keep)    2:55
LP-A3    Hold Me Tight    3:53
LP-A4    Twentieth Century Man    3:00
LP-A5    Lady Starlight    6:11
LP-B1    Falling In Love    4:09
LP-B2    Only A Man    3:32
LP-B3    The Zoo    5:28
LP-B4    Animal Magnetism    5:56
CD-1    Make It Real    
CD-2    Don't Make No Promises (Your Body Can't Keep)    
CD-3    Hold Me Tight    
CD-4    Twentieth Century Man    
CD-5    Lady Starlight    
CD-6    Falling In Love    
CD-7    Only a Man    
CD-8    The Zoo    
CD-9    Animal Magnetism    
Bonus Tracks
CD-10    Hey You    
CD-11    Animal Magnetism    
CD-12    American Girls    
CD-13    Get Your Love    
CD-14    Restless Man    
CD-15    All Night Long
Package Contents: LP
Colour: Black
Set Content: 3 pcs
Type: LP record
Genre: Rock
Artist / Theme: Scorpions
Variant: Animal Magnetism (Lp+Cd)
Speed: 33 1/3
Sub-Genre: Rock
Country of Artist: Germany
Artist Decade: 1960s
Release year: 2018.0
Release date: 2018-07-20

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