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Fermata Piesen Z Hol (Vinyl)

Fermata Piesen Z Hol (Vinyl)
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Manufacturer: Fermata

EAN: 8584019052110

Manufacturers Part Number: 8584019052110

Tracklist:A1    Pieseň Z Hôľ (Song From Ridges)    A2    Svadba Na Medvedej Lúke (Marriage On A Bears Meadow)    A3    Posledný Jarmok V Radvani (The Last Fair In Radvaň)    B1    Priadky (Spinning)    B2    Dolu Váhom (Downstream Váh)    B3    Vo Zvolene Zvony Zvonia (Bells Are Ringing In Zvolen)
Package Contents: LP
Colour: Black
Set Content: 1 pc
Type: LP record
Genre: Rock
Artist / Theme: Fermata
Variant: Piesen Z Hol (Vinyl)
Speed: 33 1/3
Sub-Genre: Jazz Funk
Country of Artist: Slovakia
Artist Decade: 1970s
Label: Opus
Release year: 2019.0
Recording year: 1976.0
Release date: 2019-12-13

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