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Disturbed Immortalized (Vinyl LP)

Disturbed Immortalized (Vinyl LP)
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Manufacturer: Disturbed

EAN: 0093624926337

Manufacturers Part Number: 93624926337

A1    The Eye Of The Storm    1:21
A2    Immortalized    4:18
A3    The Vengeful One    4:12
A4    Open Your Eyes    3:57
A5    The Light    4:17
B1    What Are You Waiting For    4:04
B2    You're Mine    4:56
B3    Who    4:47
B4    Save Our Last Goodbye    5:00
C1    Fire It Up    4:06
C2    The Sound Of Silence    4:08
C3    Never Wrong    3:33
C4    Who Taught You How To Hate    4:58
Package Contents: LP
Colour: Black
Set Content: 2 pcs
Type: LP record
Genre: Rock
Artist / Theme: Disturbed
Variant: Immortalized
Speed: 33 1/3
Sub-Genre: Rock
Country of Artist: USA
Artist Decade: 1990s
Label: Reprise Records
Release year: 2015.0
Release date: 2015-08-21

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