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Deeper Smartphone Mount

Deeper Smartphone Mount
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Manufacturer: Deeper

EAN: 4779032950268

Manufacturers Part Number: JI0213

Fitting any type of rod, the Deeper Smartphone Mount is a secure, easy-to-use silicone mount. It enables fishers to monitor the sonar data from their Deeper device while keeping both hands free for reeling in that catch. Main Features: Hands-free usage. Best option for: shore fishing, wading.
A solution for fastening your smartphone to your rod grip:
The Deeper Smartphone Mount is a durable mounting solution designed specifically for fastening your smartphone to a rod grip. This enables you to analyse your sonar data holding your rod in one hand and reeling in your Deeper device with the other. Engineered for maximum holding power, the cover does not hide your cell phone screen behind silicone retainers.
How to use:
Add the Smartphone Mount to your rod grip with the Deeper logo shown on front.
Use the o-rings to fasten the Smartphone Mount to the rod grip. Catch the orange plastic hook with an o-ring, strain it over the rod grip and tighten to the other orange plastic hook. Use one or more o-rings to fasten the Smartphone Mount to the rod grip. Make sure it is firmly mounted.
When the Smartphone Mount is ready, you can the mount your phone onto it. Gently apply all four silicone retainers, one at a time, to every corner of your phone. Please ensure your device is tightly secured.
Before casting your rod, shake it several times to ensure the Smartphone Mount is correctly secured.
Notice: The manufacturer does not bear any responsibility with respect

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