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Deeper Night Fishing Cover

Deeper Night Fishing Cover
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Manufacturer: Deeper

EAN: 4779032950299

Manufacturers Part Number: JI0166

A transparent cover replacement enabling Deeper sonars to light up whenever the night fishing mode is selected on the Fish Deeper App. Main Features: visibility for night fishing. Best option for: night fishing, low visibility conditions.
A simple solution for smart fishing after dark:
The Deeper Night Fishing Cover is engineered specifically to enable the use of your Deeper smart sonar at night. The Night Fishing Cover allows a bright flashing LED light to be seen through its translucent orange cover, so the device is clearly visible in the dark and from a distance. It is ideal for foggy or rainy conditions as well, when visibility is low. This small, light replacement cover is simple to apply.
How to use:
Unscrew the original cover and replace it with the Night Fishing Cover;
Firmly tighten the Night Fishing Cover, ensuring the ‘water proof’ marks on the device and cover match up perfectly;
Turn on Night Fishing Mode on the Fish Deeper App and an ultra bright LED will light up.
Please make sure you fasten and close the Night Fishing Cover securely; when properly applied the device will never get wet or damaged.
Made in: Lithuania

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