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Bruce Dickinson Skunkworks (Vinyl LP)

Bruce Dickinson Skunkworks (Vinyl LP)
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Manufacturer: Bruce Dickinson

EAN: 4050538288384

Manufacturers Part Number: 4050538288384

A1 Space Race 3:47A2 Back From The Edge 4:17A3 Inertia 3:03B1 Faith 3:36B2 Solar Confinement 3:19B3 Dreamstate 3:50B4 I Will Not Accept The Truth 3:45C1 Inside The Machine 3:28C2 Headswitch 2:14C3 Meltdown 4:34D1 Octavia 3:16D2 Innerspace 3:32D3 Strange Death In Paradise 5:01
Package Contents: LP
Colour: Black
Set Content: 2 pcs
Type: LP record
Genre: Rock
Artist / Theme: Bruce Dickinson
Variant: Skunkworks
Speed: 33 1/3
Sub-Genre: Rock
Country of Artist: United Kingdom
Artist Decade: 1980s
Label: BMG
Release year: 2017.0
Release date: 2017-10-27

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