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Abba Waterloo (Vinyl LP)

Abba Waterloo (Vinyl LP)
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Manufacturer: Abba

EAN: 0602527346489

Manufacturers Part Number: 0602527346489

A1    Waterloo    
A2    Sitting In The Palmtree    
A3    King Kong Song    
A4    Hasta Mañana    
A5    My Mama Said    
A6    Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)    
B1    Honey, Honey    
B2    Watch Out    
B3    What About Livingstone    
B4    Gonna Sing You My Lovesong    
B5    Suzy-Hang-Around    
B6    Waterloo (English Version)
Package Contents: LP
Colour: Black
Set Content: 1 pc
Weight: 180 g
Type: LP record
Genre: Pop
Artist / Theme: Abba
Variant: Waterloo (Vinyl LP)
Speed: 33 1/3
Sub-Genre: Pop
Country of Artist: Sweden
Artist Decade: 1970s
Label: Universal Music
Release year: 2014.0
Recording year: 1974.0
Release date: 2014-10-24

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